If you were an indie music fan or polytechnic student (or both) in the UK between the years of 1986 and 1990, there is a small-to-reasonable chance that you may have chanced upon us - perhaps as the musical accompaniment to another Woodpecker cider fuelled evening in your union bar or local indie club.  You may even, in your Strongbow induced joie-de-vivre, parted with £2 to become one of the small but elite group of owners of our ‘18 Again’ EP.

The purpose of this site is to mark the release by Firestation Records of ‘A Mouthful Of Tuesdays’, a compilation of all the recordings the band made (apart from the really bad ones), and to let you know more than you will ever want to know about one of the more obscure footnotes in the history of late 1980s-British-cardigan wearing-guitar bands.

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'A Mouthful Of Tuesdays' Released

A full twenty years after the release of their '18 Again' EP, Company Of Cowards are, in equal measure, pleased and astonished to announce the release of
'A Mouthful Of Tuesdays', a compilation CD of all the Cowards' recordings made between 1987 and 1989. It contains 15 songs, all of which have been lovingly buffed to a pleasing shine by that new-fangled re-mastering process. The album has been released by Firestation Records and you too can transport yourself back to the late eighties by buying a copy from any of the reputable outlets that we have listed under the 'Where to buy the album' menu.

Now, slip on a cardigan, roll up your 501s, tease what remains of your hair into a quiff-like formation and, for once in your life, do as you're told and click on the button below to hear 'Party Talk'.


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