Ian and Nicky first played together in "The Whole Wide World' but the desire to play more song-based material and for Nicky to move from the bass to rhythm guitar led to the formation of Company Of Cowards.

Ian is more than happy to acknowledge that the majority of the guitar parts that he adorned the Cowards’ songs with were happy accidents…things that he stumbled across which sounded quite nice even though he was actually trying to do something else.

Recent viewing of a video recording of the Cowards’ penultimate gig revealed Ian’s onstage demeanour to be most peculiar.  A lumbering stage-right presence who seemed to tire rather quickly, only rousing himself during the last couple of songs for a final burst of ungainly lurching around the area directly in front of his amplifier. 




Ian Montague was lead guitarist and, along with singer Nicky Ager, half of Company Of Cowards’ songwriting team.

Hailing from the pastoral idyll of the London Borough of Barking of Dagenham, Ian had honed his rather sausage-fingered guitar technique in such never-to-be-remembered outfits as: school disco favourites The Thin Yoghurts, front-room rehearsal specialists Gud Fungs and the be-mulletted and eye-liner sporting Solo Sons.



He was once known to climb up on the drum riser but, once up there, his nerve eluded him.  Rather than executing the flying leap, he gingerly dismounted in defeat, hoping that no one had noticed.

Ian 'in action' at the legendary Marquee Club, 1988 (right & top right)


Ian’s favourite memory from the Cowards days is hearing ‘18 Again’ being played on Radio 1 for the first time.  The thought that perhaps a million people were listening to a song that had started life in his bedroom was too exciting for words.

Ian: post Cowards

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