Company of Cowards form in time-honoured fashion after Glenn and Lisa respond to advert placed by Nicky and Ian in Melody Maker’s ‘Musicians Wanted’ column.
Record their first demo ‘From Thoughts To Flowing Ink’/‘Mouthful of Foot’ under the preposterous name ‘The Bogue Arts’.
Play their first gig at The Wolsey Tavern pub in Kentish Town, London.  Set includes a number of covers including: Fontella Bass’s ‘Rescue Me’ and Nick Lowe’s ‘Heart’.
While playing a gig supporting John Otway at the North London Polytechnic, the Cowards meet their future manager Guy Trezise, at the time working as the college’s Ents Officer.
Band record their ‘18 Again’ EP at Raven Studios in London, produced by Laurence Diana.
‘18 Again’ released.
Cowards sign to Miracle Agency. Guy Trezise and Steve Finan take on management of band. ‘18 Again’ receiving Radio 1 airplay. A & R men start appearing at Cowards gigs.
Cowards sign on to Enterprise Allowance scheme.
Cowards record Polydor records funded demo at Cold Storage studios in Brixton, London produced by Gavin MacKillop.
Cowards playing gigs all over the country. Polydor demo not doing the business as far as securing record deal or Radio 1 sessions.
Cowards joined by keyboard player Michael Bishop.
Agency and management both withdraw their services. Cowards grit teeth and carry on regardless.
Latest batch of demos recorded in Tottenham, London.
Michael Bishop picks up his keyboard and goes home.
Cowards now back to booking their own gigs. Things not looking too rosy.
Band record ‘Waste Of A Skin’/’Stay Where You Are’ demo at Ezee Studios, London with Bernie Clark producing.
Cowards hawk latest demo around to sceptical record companies. Cowards music described in one meeting as ‘parochial’.
Cowards play their final gig at Ealing College, West London.
Cowards offered a spot on ‘Sound Of Leamington Spa’ compilation.
Firestation Records propose releasing compilation album of all existing Cowards recordings.
All members having been successfully located, all four Cowards meet for the first time since their final gig to discuss compilation album, reminisce and get slightly drunk.
  'A Mouthful Of Tuesdays', a compilation of all Company of Cowards' recordings made between 1987 and 1989 is released by Firestation Records.