Glenn took up guitar aged 11 and had a promising if worrying start when within just a few hours of picking up his first instrument he was merrily strumming along to 'It's a Heartache' by Bonnie Tyler.

Several adolescent years of ‘residency’ in his garage with mates Mark & Linc (now proper musicians) improved his skills but they never really progressed at the rate the ‘flying start’ had suggested. His first gig was backing his Dad - an experienced performer with a poweful voice - at the Halstead Conservative club. For the finale his dad left the stage to watch proudly from the bar as Glenn, accompanied by Linc, belted-out (warbled) a version of Donovan’s ‘Catch the Wind’ to the local Saturday night 'revellers'. The applause was rather paltry, except from his dad of course, who looked the other way.

He never really graduated past competent rhythm guitarist and faced with the gruelling
prospect of learning to pick out lead guitar (plus forthcoming gigs at the Labour and
Liberal Clubs) he jumped at the invitation to join his friend’s band ‘One Hand Clapping’
as bass guitarist, an easier option, or so he thought ……

Yes the switch from 6 strings to 4 should have been and doddle, and that would have
been the case, were it not for the fact that he acquired his first bass guitar skills on a
rather crude, diarrhoea-coloured, homemade bass guitar, borrowed from his mate Jonny
Berg. With calloused fingers he practised day & night determined to master his new found
art. This time his skin was thicker -  and not only around his fingertips – for he was not
even deterred by such negative comments that the cumbersome, brown instrument under his guidance, sounded less Fender Precision and more ‘Shit-ster Collision’!

A post ‘A-level’ move to London at the tender age 18 led to a demo, a couple of gigs, and
some seriously dodgy stage fashion in the ‘One Hand Clapping’ line-up, but the
proceedings came to an abrupt halt when the front-man suddenly decided that his new
‘calling’ was that of local pub barman and not Elvis Costello mark 2.

Undeterred and ambitious, Glenn set about realising his musical dream and had had the
good fortune to chance upon Lisa, the drummer in his former band. These two, despite
their bad 80’s stage attire, had managed to form a strong friendship and after answering
an ad in the Melody Maker soon became the dynamic rhythm section and administrative
‘might’ behind ‘Company of Cowards’.




Cowards Years

Glenn relished the live performances where he thought the Cowards excelled. One of his fondest memories was when, after an uncharacteristic bout of pre-gig drinking, the band went onstage fairly drunk at Rolle College in Devon. Undeterred at playing to yet another, vacuous, empty, student union hall the band put on a riotous show for
the handful of onlookers. The high jinx of that of that particular evening culminated in frontman Nick jumping from the drum riser hoping to time his landing on the stage as the final, thunderous beat of the set rang out. Unfortunately for Nick, the cheeky Lisa aided by the japesy Glenn, delayed the beat until a full second after Nick had landed. Unable to compose himself, Nick collapsed onto the stage, began to giggle, and the one and only real rock n’ roll finale the Cowards ever attempted eventually ended with their lead singer rolling around on a piss-stained stage, laughing uncontrollably.

For a small man with little hands Glenn seemed to specialise in breaking bass strings at an alarming rate! The first occaision was at the Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith, winter '87. On breaking a string during the second song, he was kindly offered a Steinberger 'bodyless' bass by the other band so that he could see out the remainder of the set. He handled it rather badly, if rather comically, and the audience were treated to a performance of a dimunutive red-faced young man, terror-struck & facing the back wall whilst seemingly
wrestling a small Anaconda.

Glenn at Warwick University
Summer 1988
(with a full-size bass guitar that he could actually play)

Glenn: post cowards

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