After the Cowards’ demise, Glenn ventured into the world of song writing but never got past the ‘demo’ stage. He had visions of forming a harmony-enriched singer, song-writing duo ‘a la’ The Proclaimers, albeit minus the specs, Scottish accents and rather large lunch-boxes! However the search for a new musical partner yielded no lasting results and he eventually did an impression of someone sort of settling down, and blagged his way into the TV industry.

A strong interest in Latino Culture led to much time spent hanging out in Central and South America and his passion for music, which had ever so slightly waned, was re-kindled by the seductive beats and rhythms of the Latin vibe. Not being a man to be seduced by fad or fashion he claims that his musical epiphany came when he saw a live performance of Pena Branca & Xavantinho on a late night TV show in southern Brasil. Those familiar with this music will understand why after a recent theft of Glenn’s iPod, his friends offered condolences to the thief rather than to Glenn himself.

He once had ambitions to play the cavaquinho but in true Glenn musical style - i.e. take the apparent easiest option - he decided that the way forward was definitely the triangle. He may be one of only a smattering of British men that adores dancing forró, but deep down he still loves the Cowards.